The Introduction to the Best Vaporizer Pen Ever

A few weeks ago, I had one of the most interesting party experiences of my life. It was not because the host did a great job setting up the event. The food was a spread of mediocre store-made platters and bagged chips. It started off with a lot of faces illuminated by the familiar blue glow of smartphones and that was just about the only familiar thing going on. The group was a random mix of a few different social circles, so no one was talking. The only sound was an outdated playlist coming from a small speaker. Sounds like a hoot, right? Those were my thoughts at first also. But hey, it was one of my good friends and she wanted to throw something together last minute.

That was until my friend April, the host, came out with some colorful little metal things, all of which were pulsing with color from the center. None of us had any idea what she was up to. New drinking game? I hoped so.

“I have brought you all here today to try out the best vaporizer, PAX2. Don’t give me that look, Todd, I know you vape. That’s actually the common denominator for all of you, since most of you have never met. Anyway, these pens are lighter than Pax Labs original, and most others out there. Unless you’re using it, it idles so none of the goods are wasted. I’m not saying there’s something special in one of them, but I’m not saying there isn’t either.”

Something special? Hmm. I grabbed a bright teal one. It was remarkably smooth and cool while I took a few breaths in. I saw others pressing the button on top to toggle through (as we found out later) the battery and temperature gages. It felt like the 2050 version of personal vaporizers: The futuristic pocket companion that would even fit in my tiny pockets.

So there you have it. The most random party ever, ending with the best handheld vaporizer I have ever tried and nothing “special” as it turns out, but quite a bit of tequila and Card’s Against Humanity.

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